An exquisite throw with a generous lined edge with an exquisitely embroidered cotton. The design evokes the collection of rare and vibrant roses that form heart of the Anlaby garden. You can almost smell the fragrance of the roses in the garden. This is a magnificent piece that will look stunning draped over a sofa – ready to wrap yourself in.

Corromandel Throw

Colour: Natural Wool - Ivory with linen border
  • Colour: Emerald greens and coral pinks on a natural cotton.
    NOTE: 15th May 2017 – NEWS BREAK – The current photo was taken just after Andrew picked up this brand new throw from the factory, it was taken in a 'reddish' light and as such exhibits a more reddish colour. A Studio photo, closer to the right colour should be coming soon.
    Size: 1400mm x 2100mm
    Weight: 1.2 kg